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IP65 Waterproof LCD Screen Enclosure

Waterproof Computer Enclosure designed to protect tower or desktop PCs and TFT LCD screens (including touch screens). This versatile enclosure can be fitted with a 'wedge style' membrane keyboard with integrated mouse or supplied with or without a conventional keyboard and mouse shelf.

  • Food Manufacture.
  • Pharmaceutical Applications.
  • Medical Applications.
  • Laboratory Applications.
  • Wash Down Environments.

Manufactured from food grade stainless steel and waterproof to IP65 it is a proven solution for computer and screen protection in food manufacturing or wash down environments.

SENC 700 Up to 19"

Wash Down Protection For Industrial Environments

The Armagard 700 series stainless steel is an all-in-one waterproof computer enclosure. This space saving PC enclosure is designed to protect tower or desktop PCs and flat panel displays including touch screens (up to 19") in industrial, factory or wash down environments.

Manufactured to IP65 from food grade stainless steel the SENC 700 series is ideal for jet wash environments and is used by many leading food companies across Europe - heater option available for chilled areas.

Enclosures Benefits

Stainless Protection - protects against wash down, dust, dirt, impacts, liquid splashes, tampering and theft. Enclosures are rated using European IP ratings that give a clear indication to the types of environments the enclosure can operate in.

More flexible than an industrial computer - repair, upgrade or replace the enclosed PC without risking downtime waiting for an engineer.

Stay up to date – an enclosure allows you to choose what software to run, no need to rely on an outdated industrial computer. Install the latest technology or software at will.

Lengthen the life of your equipment – a more economical alternative to expensive industrial machines, PC’s and monitors last longer in an Armagard computer enclosure which themselves can be reused year after year

Teknisk data:

Measurement:750x610x300mm (H, W, D)

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Armagard SENC 700 Up To 19"

  • Modellkod: Armagard SENC 700
  • Lagerstatus: Beställningsvara ca 3-4 veckor

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