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PAB1080PX-3 All in one 22'' digital signage display, content stored on CF-card, content can be automaticly uppdated by network.

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With remote control software (pop center) your PAB1080PX units can be administrated from anyware in the world. PAB1080PX-series ar excellent for adverts, retail business, digital signage, museeums and other applications. • Remote controll (inkluded).
• Ethernet (100Mbps)
• Support CF and SD (HC) memory card.
• Support FTP auto download function: connect to FTP-server and download data to CF card automatic.
• Embedded FTP-server.
• Support universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and DHCP.
• Slideshow function.
• Support VESA standard (100x100)
• Bundled with POP Center software (remote management software).
Standard version (handle up to 5 units) included.
Full version (handle up to 100 units) not included.

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Eyezone PA22B1080PX-3 22" LCD med mediaspelare

  • Modellkod: Eyezone PA22B1080PX-3
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